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Mallomars Now In Season

Seasonal Foods Are Good For You!

Mallomars are back in town!  Run, do not walk to the nearest supermarket and stock up on these seasonal goodies.  Never had a Mallomar?  It’s a cookie with a graham cracker cookie bottom, a plump, rounded marshmallow and a dark chocolate covering that cracks when you bite into it.  Heaven!

The Mallomar season runs from October through April.  Nabisco does not produce and ship this cookie during the summer because heat and changing temperatures can cause the chocolate covering to “bloom,” making the cookie look like it has a light white frosting.  According to a 2005 “Colbert Report,” Nabisco was working on technology to make Mallomars available all year long.  Six years later, we can still only enjoy this culinary delight in the winter.

As with Oreos, there are different schools of thought about the proper way to eat a Mallomar.  Some people believe that biting through the chocolate coating and getting a mouthful of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker cookie is the proper procedure.  However, there are those of us who understand that a Mallomar can only be properly savored if it is deconstructed. 

To deconstruct a Mallomar, one must gently peel off and eat the chocolate that covers the marshmallow.  Great care must be taken not to bite into the marshmallow while eating the chocolate.  Next, one eats the marshmallow, making sure that one does not to bite into the graham cracker cookie bottom.  Bonus points are given if you can lift the marshmallow –  with only lips, teeth, and tongue – leaving an unbroken shine on the top of the graham cracker cookie base.

There is a little tiny protrusion around the base of a Mallomar.  Some purists believe that this should be nibbled away before finally getting into the bottom of the cookie itself.  Personally, I’ve always felt that by the time you’ve finished with the marshmallow, you deserve to bite right into the bottom of the cookie and finish it quickly so that you can start on another Mallomar.  It is written somewhere that one may NEVER eat only one Mallomar at a sitting.  Two is a bare minimum.

The first box of Mallomars hit the shelves in the United States in 1913; it was sold in West Hoboken, (now Union City), New Jersey.  According to Wixipedia, 70 percent of Mallomars are sold, and presumably eaten, in the New York metropolitan area.  Mallomars are not sold in the southern United States.

Readers in other lands, beware!  Many countries have Mallomar knockoffs with exotic names like Tunnock’s teacake, Negerkys, Mohrenkopf, Whippets, and Krembo.  Do not be fooled.   These are NOT true Mallomars! 

A true Mallomar can only be made in an industrial setting.  Avoid heartbreak and do not attempt to make Mallomars at home.  Steer clear of the “Mallomar” recipes posted on the internet.  Better you should make s’mores.  Remember, only God can make a tree.  There are some things that mere mortals should just not attempt.  Making Mallomars at home is one of them.


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